Show buyers around yourself

When selling, your in-depth knowledge of your property and the local area along with your passion will help enthuse buyers. So why don't you show them around and save some money in the process?

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We'll show buyers around

If you don't have time to spare or it's impractical for you to show buyers around, we can take care of everything for you...just drop us your keys and relax.

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If you want to show buyers around, you can save a lot of money…

You're thinking of selling your property and you are probably more than happy to show off your home to potential buyers and answer all their questions about the area, but you’re terrified of having to negotiate with them. By doing the bit you’re best at and leaving everything else to us, you can save money without compromising on anything you care about.

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…Or we can take care of everything, and you can save a lot of time

If it's just not practical for you to show buyers around your property or you'd rather not, just hand us the keys and we'll take care of everything from start to finish for you. You’ll pay less than you would the average agent (or we'll get you a better sale price) - and you won't have to lift a finger.

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Our unique fee structure motivates us to get you a great result

You need to make sure you secure the best price for your home, but many estate agents will try to sell your property at any price they can – after all, an extra £10,000 for you is worth less than £200 in extra commission to them, so It’s in their interest to encourage you to take the first reasonable offer just to get it sold quickly.

That’s where we're a little different. We prefer to use a fee structure where we’re rewarded for exceeding your expectations – meaning our motivations are completely aligned with yours...and we really do exceed your expectations because we beat the asking price 90% of the time.

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Want to know how to sell your property for more?

Anyone can sell a property. Selling it for the best price however, can take a little more effort. Overpricing your property and hoping for the best isn't the solution. But many agents will do just this - to try and win your instruction, because they know its difficult for most people to resist the appeal of more money.

However, we don't do hyperbole or talk tired old cliches just to stroke your ego. We're straight talking and free of the usual guff.

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Every day, people call us
with the same story...

... A local agent promised them an incredible price and said they had buyers lined up, but months later their home is still on the market and whats more, there have been hardly any viewings.

Pricing too high and bunging the property in the local paper doesn't work. Luckily, we have a brilliant marketing strategy that does get great results.

Been on the market too long?

Are you looking to sell your property now, or just curious about it's current value?

Whether you are ready to sell now, or later, or you need to know the value of your property for a different reason - we are happy to extend our expert knowledge to you, and it's completely free of charge.

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Video testimonial from seller Ray from London

Ray previously used us to help find tenants for him, however this time he wanted to sell his main residence and relocate, and decided to try our sales department. Find out what Ray thinks of us, and how he rates our service.

Would Ray recommend us to his friends?

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How to stand out from your competition

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6 reasons our sellers love us

An incentive to over-perform

Our unique fee structure means it’s in our interest to totally exceed your expectations: if we don’t get you the asking price you deserve, you’ll pay us less.

Better value than the high street

Did we mention that we’re better value than the high street – We provide a different class of service, but we know price can be a factor. If you do your own viewings our fees start at an amazing 0.87% plus VAT.

Insanely good marketing

Insanely good marketing – Beautiful photos, a floor-plan, a carefully crafted description and a striking “for sale” board come as standard. See a case study of just how good our marketing is.

We sell all over London

It really doesn’t matter where you are located as we’re getting fabulous results selling properties all over London, and we can show you how we’ll do the same for you.

Realistic valuations

There's no point telling you your property is worth a fortune then watching it sit on the market for months. We set a price that gets people through your door - then beat that price most of the time.

We turn offers into sales

30% of accepted offers never get to completion, but we have a dedicated team of sales progressors to make sure solicitors, lenders and other agents pull together to get the deal done.

Want a guarantee? You got it...

It's not very difficult to sell a property in a strong market and It's even easier if the agent isn't really aiming for the very best sale price. Achieving the best sale price requires more patience, more effort, more skill and often takes a little longer; and this is what we really enjoy doing for our clients. In fact we're so confident we'll sell your property for the best price, we're willing to offer a cast-iron guarantee.

See some of our brilliant past results, and read the conditions for our guarantee.

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If you need us, we're really nice people.

If you've browsed over our website, you probably already have a good idea about how we work and what motivates us, but if you need any help (and we do love to talk) you can call our customer service team - which is anybody in our office.

If you want to find a little bit more about our people or why our name doesn't sound like any other - hit the button below.

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