We'll get you the best price, even if it takes a little longer....

...And we beat the target price more than 90% of the time because we're motivated to do so. We won't pressure you to accept an offer if we have a bunch of people waiting to view your property. We'll work towards our goal of earning the best fee we can and your goal of getting the best price. And after you've accepted an offer - you'll get your very own after-sale progressor, who will walk you through all the legal stuff until you have your money in the bank.

Rather show off your home and save some money?

Yet every day, people call us
with the same story...

... A local agent promised them an incredible price and said they had buyers lined up, but months later their home is still on the market and whats more, there have been hardly any viewings and now their agent wants to reduce their asking price significantly.

Pricing too high and bunging the property in the local paper doesn't work. Luckily, we have a brilliant marketing strategy that does get great results.

Been on the market too long?

...And it's our unique fee structure that helps you get a brilliant result

You need to make sure you secure the best price for your home, but many estate agents will try to sell your property at any price they can – after all, an extra £10,000 for you is worth less than £200 in extra commission to them, so It’s in their interest to encourage you to take the first reasonable offer just to get it sold quickly.

That’s where we're a little different. We prefer to use a fee structure where we’re rewarded for exceeding your expectations – meaning our motivations are completely aligned with yours...and we really do exceed your expectations because we beat the asking price 90% of the time.

Worryingly, some agents motivations are completely mis-aligned with yours, and this is rather naughty - and not strictly legal either. Click on the button below to see an example of the kind of agent that you shouldn't really use.

What an agent shouldn't do

Our customers think you'll love us...

Ray used our qualified estate agents to sell property in London.

Watch his honest review of the Fish Need Water sales team and the quality of our property services to see if we're the best estate agents in London for you.

Watch Ray's customer review

Here's what we do

It all starts with phenomenal marketing

We take stunning professional photos of your home – photos that will stop buyers in their tracks. We craft a description that gets them imagining they already live there. We can even film a high-definition video tour using the power of YouTube to create extra viewers. Then, as 96% of property searches start on the internet, we put it in front of 14 million people on Rightmove, Zoopla and other keys property websites.

We price your home to attract offers

We price your home to attract offers – not to stroke your ego. By starting your marketing slightly below your desired price, we get more people through the door. More activity usually translates into more offers, and by getting more offers we exceed the desired price 90% of the time.

We're incentivised to work harder

We have an incentive to get you the absolute best price possible: our fee structure. An extra £10,000 for you is worth less than £200 to a typical agent – so it’s in their interest to encourage you to take any price just to get it sold. We’ve set our fees so we get paid more for achieving astounding results, meaning our motivations are always aligned with yours.

You’ll never be as proud of your home as when you see how we market it

To get people through your door, you need to grab them while they’re browsing online and force them to take action. We present your home better than anyone – with beautiful photos, floor-plans and a compelling description. And if you really want to stand out we can produce a bespoke high-definition video tour for you.

See example

You'd love to know how to sell your property for more, right?

When selling your property there are a few things you can pay attention to that will guarantee you achieve a better sale price. Our guide will tell you:

  • How you should price your property to get the best result.
  • How some agents bring the wrong buyers along just to look busy.
  • The improvements you can make that guarantee a better sale price.
  • Agent cliches you need to avoid at all costs.
  • Help in choosing the right agent.
Click here if you would like to find out how to rent your property for more. Send my free guide now

Would you like a guarantee? You got it...

It's pretty easy to sell a property in a good market at a reasonable price. An open day, a few offers and for little more than a few hours work you can have a sale agreed. But is this likely to be the best sale price you could have achieved? Probably not, and in all likelihood you'll still have a large number of enquirers that have requested a viewing but weren't able to make the time slot offered.

However many agents are not actually focused on getting you the best sale price, instead focussing on getting a price that you'll accept, and moving onto the next sale.

We're so confident we'll sell your property for the best price, we're willing to offer a cast-iron guarantee.

See some of our brilliant past results, and the conditions for our guarantee.

See guarantee

3 reasons why our sellers love us

An incentive to over-perform

Our unique fee structure means it’s in our interest to totally exceed your expectations: if we don’t get you the asking price you deserve, you’ll pay us less.

Insanely good marketing

Insanely good marketing – Beautiful photos, a floor-plan, a carefully crafted description and a striking “for sale” board come as standard. See a case study of just how good our marketing is.

Realistic valuations

There's no point telling you your property is worth a fortune then watching it sit on the market for months. We set a price that gets people through your door - then beat that price by negotiating hard.

And if you need help, we're very nice people.

If you've browsed over our website, you probably already have a good idea about how we work, what services we offer and what motivates us. But if you need any help at all (and we do love to talk) you can call our sales team, who will be delighted to talk in more detail.

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