Why do we exist?

Understandably, some people have a pretty dim view of estate agents, and it seems many have a horror story or two to share – us included. But our mission is to change the profession by example…and hopefully end up being a bit less lonely at dinner parties and the school gates.

“Fairness” and “honesty” don’t often appear in the same sentence as “estate agent”, but we’re staking everything on it – which also involves being honest about what you actually need from an estate agent these days.

The Fishneedwater team share the same belief that if you treat clients fairly and do things properly, they won’t mind the lack of branded minis or beers in the office fridge.

Our name, it’s a bit like Marmite…

We get asked about our name more than anything else, and it seems you either love it or hate it, which is why its like Marmite.

And just like how Marmite is free of any added nasties, you'll find us free of the usual estate agency hyperbole and oh-so-tired cliches that repeatedly get peddled, over and over again, ad infinitum.

Fish do actually need water. And many of us aspire to own our perfect home - so it just made sense and anyhow, it sounds nice and it sure beats the heck out of the usual oh-look-we’ve-combined-our-surnames trick.

We meet people, where they’re looking: online.

A local agent might rightly claim to have 20 people registered with them who’re desperate for a property like yours. But those exact people are getting Rightmove alerts and calling up as soon as the listing goes online anyway. In fact, 97% of people start their property search online, on one of the big portals. So we meet them there, rather than restricting ourselves to one local area.

The old model of connecting home buyers with sellers is dying, because today, buyers have instant access to every property on the market – not everyone needs an estate agent to act as the matchmaker.

Create beautiful and effective marketing for all online portals

All of our properties have top-quality professional photos, floor-plans and enticing descriptions. We can even arrange a brilliant and unique high definition video too – things that we KNOW grab people’s attention when they’re browsing Rightmove, Zoopla, and other property portals.

And we also...

Focus on making a difference

Getting properties sold or let isn’t about adverts in the local paper anymore – it’s all about effective marketing, realistic pricing, taking a tough stance when negotiating, and getting the deal through to completion by being utterly proactive.

Help you do your own viewings

People don’t realise just how good they are at selling their own home, but when you think about it, it’s obvious: sellers have impeccable knowledge of their area, and their enthusiasm for their property will be far greater than an estate agent’s.

Focus on effective pricing and tough negotiating

If a property’s priced too high, you won’t get any viewings. So we do things differently from most estate agents: we price realistically.

It gets people through the door – at which point they can start falling in love with your house. And from there, we can start negotiating hard and end up exceeding the price you wanted in the first place.

Push hard to for a swift completion

30% of agreed sales fall through before completion – which is heartbreaking for sellers, and can cause major complications if you’re part of a chain.

So we qualify potential buyers before they even step through your door. Then once they’ve made an offer, we have a dedicated team of sales-progressors who do nothing except keep chivvying all parties into moving things along smoothly at the right pace.

We rely on repeat custom and word-of-mouth...

...So we have to be good. Essentially, Fish Need Water is just our attempt to build an agency we can be proud of – a business built on trust, honesty, repeat custom and word-of-mouth. We don’t lie to win new business: we promise a realistic result, and guarantee it.

Top 6 most infuriating things we've experienced ourselves...

Confident, or just hype?

Told us they’re 100% confident our property will be instantly snapped up at a price many thousands above anything that’s been sold recently…then insisted on tying us into an exclusive four month contract with them. (Err, no thank you!)

No feedback whatsoever

Dragged totally inappropriate, uninterested buyers around our house, just to be able to tell us they’ve had viewings. And then didn’t bother to give any feedback whatsoever.

We have so many buyers...

Told us, “We’ve got 30 people dying for a property like this, and we can bring them round tomorrow”…who all mysteriously disappeared once the contract was signed.

Not returning calls

Never answered their phone, or always seemed to be “out on a viewing”…until you call from a withheld number. Then when we got through handed the responsibility to someone else.

Stop texting and sell...

Sent the office junior out to do viewings, who then just stood outside texting. Aren't you supposed to be using your sales skills to actually sell my property?

Negotiate with the wrong person

Tried as hard as they could to talk us into accepting a much lower offer than their original valuation and then stated that they didn’t think it would ever sell for the asking price. (So why give the valuation figure in the first instance?)

We're always interested in talking to 'rainmakers'

Are you currently performing well in a sales position, but fancy a new challenge? Perhaps you already work in agency but think a change of scenery will re-energise you?

If you know you have what it takes to succeed in a high pressure but fun environment with unlimited and uncapped earning potential, and you have a 'nothing is too much trouble' personality, we'd like to speak with you.

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