I’ve always been passionate about property styling and aesthetics and how they can hugely affect the price a buyer is willing to pay for a property.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a self-employed estate agent and I’m more pedantic about doing the things that really make a difference.

Unlike any other agent I can think of, I always help my clients to get their property ready for sale, even if that includes me rolling up my sleeves and helping the owner tidy up and declutter!

I’m also always present at the photo-shoot to make sure I get the images I want, and not the photographers interpretation of what’s best.

However, I wanted to take things a step further for my customers and especially for those who agree that styling is everything when selling, I will offer a FREE hour consultation with local Interior Design Consultancy.

Diego can review, advise and can even help on a practical level to make sure that your property has the most appeal to buyers and this will help to create the best outcome for you.

Being a property consultant (or estate agent) for me is about advising the client what will create the best outcome, and presentation and styling is EVERYTHING when it comes to selling a property.

I find it frustrating that generally agents play this fact down.  I think many agents realise that the vast majority of sellers want to spend as little money and as little effort as possible, so they take the opposite approach and lie that ‘you are better to put your property on the market exactly how it is’.  You will never get the best outcome this way.

And telling a client to ‘tidy up because the photographer is coming’ is frankly not good enough advice.

I should also add, that if any minor changes are recommended by Diego that will massively improve the chances of a great result, and funds are an issue, I may be able to organise for the work to be carried out and you pay for the upgrades once the property is sold, which may be useful to some people.

If you’re thinking about selling, and you believe (as I do) that styling a property can help you attract more viewings, offers and a better outcome, please get in touch with me.

Because there is a cost to me for the Interior Designer, I can unfortunately only offer this service to properties with a value of £600,000 or more.

Call me on 020 8432 1505 or email me at james@fishneedwater.com.