We love doing a job well.  We enjoy the praise it brings, along with the potential for customer refers.

We have just completed the sale of this lovely 2 bedroom flat in SE16

Its proof that quality marketing (the photos are rather good quality) and making sure the pricing is correct, along with advertising on the UK’s top portals such as Rightmove is what helps to sell a property in this digital age.

In fact we’d never ever had a property in SE16 before, so we’d suggest that having lots of properties for sale in any given area is not necessarily the key to selling property.

Our client has just saved £2550 inclusive of vat, compared to the best quote they had received from a reputable local agent before we convinced them to try us first.  They sure are glad they did!

If you think your property may not be selling due to your marketing price being too high, why not call us for a second opinion.  We’d love to give you our expert opinion, and its free.  It might even save you a decent sized chunk of cash.