Market Update

Another week has got underway and mortgage rates are still falling with 2 year fixes now down at 2.68% and 5 year fixes creeping under 4%.

Apart from these rate reductions, the interesting thing is the amount of innovation that has re-appeared in the market, with lenders looking to assist on the more difficult transactions. This is all very welcome.

So if, for example you have a property above a shop, a borrower looking for high Loan-To-Values on a new build property or a property above £1m then we have some good options. Alternatively, the property   may be split into 2 or more units, have a short lease, buy-to-let for a 1st Time Buyer, a mortgage based on commission income or only one years of self-employment then we can assist.

Whilst things are still tough, they are nowhere near as tough as the press would have you believe. Lenders are lending and mortgages are available; and at exceptionally low rates.

Have a great week.

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