When I first met the clients (who were referred to me), I absolutely loved their unique Art-Deco designed house, so my appointment focused on how we could make the property stand out online from the competition.

Bromley is not an area I have lots of selling experience in, however the owner appreciated the detailed research in the Homesearch Report I’d emailed to them and felt the advice I’d offered about preparing their house for sale and how to properly stage it, was far useful than any of the other agents (that were local agents) had suggested.

They also loved the fact I’d agreed to produce a video, and I said their property warranted some ‘dusk’ shots to really show off its garden and unique roof terrace, something the other agents hadn’t suggested.

Dusk Shots To Stand Out

The property was on the market for a little over 10 days before we received an asking price offer.  Every single viewer mentioned the photographs and how amazing it looked, which was great to hear.

Staging a property isn’t just de-cluttering.  It’s about using the space available properly.  Re-arranging your furniture if necessary and making sure your photos are stylised to really grab a buyers attention!

The result

I ended up selling my clients how for more than their local agents had valued the property for!

See our clients amazing property listing here

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