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Buyers are ready to buy (FINALLY)!

For the past six months or so, property prices in London haven’t exactly been fantastic… not for those looking to sell, at least. “Brexit uncertainty” has left everyone in limbo – not wanting to buy in case prices crash further, and not wanting to sell in case prices go up again.

Well, it seems enough people are well and truly fed up of this charade, and they’re not willing to wait around any longer. This is particularly true in the prime residential market – and it’s the international buyers who’ve kickstarted the whole “Enough waiting: let’s buy now” process (helped, no doubt, by the cheap pound).

And it looks like others are getting in on the action too. We agree with what Jonathan Hopper of Garrington Property Finders has said: “… prices in the inner boroughs are beginning to settle and historically this is often seen as a precursor to a wider recovery across London”.

Money is still relatively cheap to borrow, so it’s a great opportunity for buyers to snap up something they couldn’t afford in a more buoyant market – and the perfect time for sellers to finally sell if they’ve been wanting to move on for a while.

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Property news

Are micro-houses the solution to Britain’s homelessness crisis? With an estimated 320,000 people homeless in Britain, charities are turning to using tiny “pods” as temporary accommodation.

6 of the most spectacular properties on the market in London. If anyone’s feeling generous, we’d quite like to stay a few months in the “Penthouse Observatory” in Fulham. Thanks.

Accounting for almost half of transactions, here’s where first-time buyers are purchasing starter homes in the capital. Across London as a whole, the average first-time buyer spent £359,220 on their first home.

Qatar investment firm agrees £60m deal for London office block. No Brexit jitters here, then.

Our useful tool of the month

Having a knowledgeable, impartial mortgage broker can be invaluable. It’s not just that a broker can help guide you towards the best product for your circumstances – it’s also that some lenders only offer their deals through brokers.

But where do you find one?

Unbiased is a fantastic resource for finding any kind of financial adviser – including a mortgage broker – in your area. It’s completely free, and extremely easy to use.

Check out Unbiased here.

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