Selling a property is possible if you just get the marketing right

Rightmove spokesperson Miles Shipside is always banging on about it, and he’s right too.  If you want to sell in a difficult market, then you have to price correctly and your marketing needs to have the wow factor.

Our Example

We were instructed a week ago, to market this quaint little freehold cottage in Anerley Park SE20.  It was originally built as a gate keepers residence in 1839, and then became the Station Masters cottage.

If you commute to work (and don’t much like walking), its absolutely perfect!

Having had a few valuations from local agents, the owners were a little sceptical at how high some of the valuations were.

After reviewing historical sold price data, it was clear that the valuations the couple had received were more than a little ambitious.  The highest valuation assumed a 10% increase in values since the height of the market.  I’m sorry, but it just hasn’t happened in SE London!

After some discussion and a detailed review of our research we agreed on a realistic price, that would attract the sort of person that we felt the property would appeal mostly to.

The wow factor

If you have a nice home, then follow these really simple guidelines.

1.  De-clutter and a have a blooming good tidy up (everything in the kitchen cupboards please)

2. Arrange furniture neatly  – like they do in magazines (and get rid of excess furniture for the photo’s if your room is cramped)

3. Use a ‘proper’ photographer (and this doesn’t mean an agent with a fancy camera, because that really isn’t the same thing)

The results, as you can see from the advert for the above example speak volumes and are stonkingly good.

The result

An offer after less than 1 week on the market which is considerably more than the asking price, and a happy vendor.

fishneedwater take better photos than most local agents (nearly all in fact).  We’ll also offer you a detailed report on your property value (which is thoroughly researched).  Our fee’s, incredibly, are much lower than nearly every high street agent.