There is nothing more enjoyable than helping a vendor sell his flat / house as we did at the property on Burcher Gale Grove, Peckham, even though he initially cancelled our valuation appointment. Something told me that he was still interested in selling, but for some reason he had decided not to use us before we had had the opportunity to meet him in person. As usual we are very on point and we keep an eye on the Peckham property market and within a week his property showed up on the property portals with Foxtons.

I called him straightaway to discuss why he decided not to proceed with our initial valuation appointment, and he said ‘to be honest with you, I have never had of you guys before’. I told him to take a look out our reviews on AllAgents and also discussed with him our approach which is also detailed on our website (link). We kept in touch and our client finally came back to us to say, ‘I have to be honest, I am really impressed with your proactive approach and the way you have kept in touch and by sending me regular updates on methods that will help me sell my property’.

After two months and no suitable offer from Foxtons he finally gave me the opportunity to come around for an appraisal. Again, he was so impressed with the useful information I gave about why we are different in our marketing approach which starts with:- not overvaluing a property (supported by a comparable property report), professional photos, a property report on the key services and planning in the immediate area of the property that he gave us the opportunity to succeed.

The fact that I was so confidence of selling the property and I back this with useful tips to help garner offers alongside evidence of the properties we had sold in the area within two weeks of them coming on the market, helped him agree to come on with Fishneedwater on a multi-agent basis.

Surprise, surprise, for every viewing he had with Foxtons our client told us we had had more, which he thought was unlikely for a smaller independent agent. All I said to him was that, this is not the first time we head to head with well established brands and we keep coming out on top. Within two and a half weeks of having his property on the market, he had an offer which was acceptable to him.

The proof is in the pudding! We might be small, but we are no push overs and we are here to stay. Our drive, ambition, innovation, flexibility and tenacity proves that you should consider making us part of your winning team to sell your property in SE15.