As I was researching data for this month’s newsletter I found quite valuable information. For this reason I knew I had to do a blog post that would get the story across on the East Dulwich property market and its housing stock.

Currently there are 149 streets in the SE22 postcode area (source Zoopla) that comprise East Dulwich. These streets then have 13,451 households in them (with nearly half of these households being flats).

However what’s very important in this long list of data is that from these 13,451 households in East Dulwich 2,273 have exchanged hands since 2007. This means that 21% of households in the area have exchanged hands in the given period. What this means is that people in East Dulwich are quite settled and enjoy residing in the area. However the turnover rate is higher in comparison to areas such as Lewisham which has a 12% turnover rate over the last 7 years. Although it must be realised that the housing stock in Lewisham is significantly lower (by about 3000 homes) so this would impact the averages comparison.

Nevertheless the housing stock in the area is broken up in the balance manner that caters to many. Although flats makes up nearly 50% of the housing stock in East Dulwich, this stock is then followed by terrace houses which stand at 36% of the housing composition. Likewise semi-detached properties account for 13% of the housing stock. Lastly totally detached properties account for 1.75% of the housing stock in the area (Source Mouseprice)

Just some facts and figures about the area I thought you’d all enjoy.