We’re hoping to win an instruction today because the seller hasn’t sold using a reasonably well known local agent.

After doing some common sense research – the reason why is as plain as the nose on your face.

A road away two almost identical styled houses sold for £490,000 and £499,000 at the end of last year.

A pristine an high-spec house (again almost identical in style and sq feet) sold for £540,000 in early 2011.

The sellers house is like the first two.  It needs plenty of updating.  It’s currently on the market and has been for nearly 3 months at £525,000, which is too high.

The sellers fees with the high street agent are close to £10,000!

He is considering our service at £795, a saving of over £9000 – see our fees here

He’ll get some honest opinions, some great photo’s and I’m confident of a sale – if he takes our advice.

We shall see very soon.  To be continued….