Cycling is often on the local news as it is becoming increasingly popular and safer to ride in our congested capital.

ride-to-work-half-and-halfI have ridden to work in London pretty solidly since 1996.  Traveling various routes from East London to the City and West End.  Surrey Quays to Central London, and even Surrey Quays to West Drayton.

The changes have been obvious during this time, and the overall cycling environment is now much safer.  Why sit on a hot tube train or bus when you see the sights of London and stay fit and save on those wasted gym memberships?  The money you save could be going to that deposit on a new home or allow you get that top notch rental pad!

in_contentLondon stands out as the country’s cycling capital.The countrywide research, based on 2011 census data, shows although 67% of commuters still drive to and from their workplace, the proportion has fallen by nearly 2% since 2001.

Hackney has now become the cycling capital of London with 15% of the commuters cycling to work.

Apart from the obvious health benefits of cycling it’s a great way to house hunt.  As you cycle along you view the various types of housing stock, new developments and you will easily become aware of up and coming areas.

cyclingtowork1The key to remember is to stay safe.  Always ride a couple of feet out from the kerb to give yourself plenty of room should a driver or motorcyclist venture to close.  Never go up the inside of a Bus or Lorry at a junction.  Also, always wear a proper helmet; it’s just not worth the risk of riding without one.


balfesFinally, It’s always good to find a friendly local bike shop to help with advice, repairs, and maintenance.   I found our local bike shop Balfe’s Bikes of East Dulwich in SE22 really helpful when my spokes broke recently and I needed quick running repairs.

Why not give cycling a go?  It might make you feel as great as its made me feel.