Its a tricky market place to sell property right in now, in all but the most prime areas of London.

Buyers are seeming looking to snag a bargain.  Equally sellers are holding out for prices in many cases exceeding the house prices that were obtained at the height of the market. Often there appears to be a stand-off.

A few tips for helping you find a buyer

1.  Give the property a good tidy – Before the marketing and for when viewers are attending.

2.  De-clutter – Are there any items you can box and store elsewhere?  Less is more for marketing.

3.  Freshen if you have the budget – You don’t necessarily have to re-fit a kitchen or bathroom, but  if you stretch to filling cracks, and re-painting or wall-papering tired walls, it’ll help.

4.  Do you think images like this help?


Or do you think you’ll gain more viewing requests if the marketing is carried out by a professional photographer, like the images below?


Don’t let your agent cut corners.  You should demand quality marketing if your agent doesn’t put the pre-requisite effort in to show your property at its best.

5. Get your asking price right – Its the wrong market to price over-speculatively.  Buyers will simply look at other properties that they consider better value for their money.  There simply aren’t enough buyers around, so make sure your property grabs their attention for the right reasons.