Showing people around houses every day means our estate agents in
East Dulwich know what can give your house the WOW factor.

Having the opportunity to look at properties in SE22 all day long means we’ve seen some amazing houses… and some which could do with some work!

We may not be interior designers, but as estate agents in SE22, we know what can give your house that special something. If you’re renovating a property to sell or rent, or just doing some sprucing up of your home, here are some top tips to give it that extra sparkle and fresh look.

Make Sure You Have Lots of Lighting

Lighting in a room can make a dramatic difference to its overall look and feel. If you’re blessed with large, sun-facing windows, you should always open your curtains. Allowing natural light into the room means less strain on your eyes, and it can have a positive effect on your well-being, too.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have large windows in every room. For these rooms, adding different kinds of lighting can set the tone and create different colours. Rather than sticking to the traditional lampshade, try buying a standing lamp, fairy lights, or even some candles to put along a fireplace. They can make a big difference to the light and look of a room.

Make the Most of Your Garden

One of the great things about the property in East Dulwich is the beautiful gardens that are on offer. For some, not utilising a garden is unforgivable — especially in London, when outdoor space can be rare in properties. Allowing your garden to get overgrown and out of control can be a real put-off when selling a property. However, a garden is often a must-have for those looking to buy a home.

Even if you’re not a sun-seeker or avid gardener, tending to your garden and having some space to dry your washing or watch the sunset is ideal. All you really need is a lawnmower, or even a gardener to come and tend to it from time to time.

East Dulwich Estate Agents Top Tip: Cleaning!

This should be a no-brainer, but often we look around properties which haven’t had a good spring clean in a while. According to Good Housekeeping, wiping surfaces, making your bed, and cleaning dishes should be done every day. Other household items should be washed weekly, monthly, every three months, or once a year.

We know that work, children and socialising can get in the way of keeping properties clean sometimes, but you really can notice the difference if you find some time to clean your property.

Create a Welcoming Smell

The smell of your house can say a lot about you as a person. Despite you not being able to smell the scent in your own home, it can make a lasting impression on guests. Time spent cleaning can do a great job to get rid of any unwanted odours. Burning candles or essential oils can make a big difference to the scent of a home. Potpourri can also have a lasting scent and is particularly good to put in hallways.

Add a Few Simple Accessories

Adding one simple item in a statement colour or design can make a big difference to a room. A tablecloth or rug can spruce up a room in no time at all. When showing prospective buyers and tenants around properties, they will often comment on a rug, cushions, vase, or curtain pattern.

Are you a landlord or homeowner? Our estate agents in East Dulwich are happy to show people around your property, making your selling and renting as swift and easy as possible. Give us a call on 020 3199 3205 and we can talk about what we can do for you and your property.