In the world of estate agency, how do you stand out from the crowd?

You can provide exceptional quality marketing – Yet this is something that Foxtons and Hamptons have been doing a while, so its not entirely unique.

You can price property realistically – Yet with lots of other agents pricing higher (sometimes dubiously higher) it will be difficult strategy to attract business as who in’t sold (to) by the thought of additional cash.

Or you can provide some facts – generated from your own website.

For example, in the last three months we have achieved an average of 9% over the asking price for 86% of the properties we have let.  These have also let in an average of 9 days.

Its real.  It isn’t agency fluff.  Based on the above we’d forgive you for thinking our fees come with a caveat.  Except they don’t.  We’re simply transparant.