Buyers have always paid much more for a property that’s presented in great condition and where they feel little improvements need to be made.  It makes life much easier if you can just move your furniture in to your new home, especially if you have young children.

But how much extra can you sell your house for?

I found two very similar properties sold in Ivydale Road in Nunhead SE15 that can highlight this.

199 Ivydale Road SE15 3DY

This 3 bedroom terraced house sold on 1st October 2015 for £825,000.  However, prices have adjusted upwards since this date, so I have prepared a Homsearch report showing its current value.

You can see the report here and the value is now around £890,000.

Images: Source Rightmove

247 Ivydale Road SE15 3DY

This unmodernised house of very similar size sold recently on 24th January 2020 for £780,000.

Images: Source Rightmove

What would the work have cost?

Whilst 199 Ivydale Road was clearly a nicer property throughout, it wasn’t’ high-specification in any respect.

247 Ivydale Road would have required a new kitchen, bathroom, a rewire with upgraded consumer unit, a new boiler, a repaint throughout and some work to the garden.  In my opinion a spend of £35,000 would have meant the house being finished to a better standard than the more expensive house at 199 Ivydale Road and therefore a sale price of closer to £890,000.

How much would the owner have sold for using our ‘Flip’ service?

Our ‘Flip’ service offers the owners of unmodernised property the opportunity to refurbish it immediately prior to selling it, and in some circumstances, we can fund the cost of the work.

Had the owner used our service and we sold their property for the new market value as a refurbished property, the owner would have received £817,500 rather than the £780,000 they actually sold for.

That’s a huge increase of £37,500!  The refurbishment would have cost the owner nothing.

Don’t sell an unmodernised property if you can help it!

The only person that really benefits from you selling an unmodernised property at an attractive price is the buyer.

If you can wait 6 weeks for your property to be refurbished and have a pressing need to achieve the very best sale price possible for your property, our ‘Flip’ service will guarantee you a much better result than any other agent can offer.