We think property marketing needs to be better.

For sure, some of the ‘higher end’ agents do a brilliant job of presenting their clients properties ready for marketing on the various web portals.

However the typical agent, the kind you find on almost any London postcode high street, needs a firm kick of the backside.

There really would be nothing more frustrating than signing a contract for 1.75% of the sale price, and then seeing your property listing on Rightmove which  indicative of zero effort to even present your property in an appealing way.

But can more be done than just taking some nice photographs?

Floor-plans can be a nice way of suggesting the room layout, and room sizes are usually noted on the plans too, a bonus.

And we think video offers a interesting perspective.

Take the Video prepared for this lovely Three Bedroom House in Dulwich For Sale.

OK, its not a professionally produced video, but then that wouldn’t be cost effective.

But we think it enhances the charm of the property and offers an alternative to looking at static images.

What do you think?