Ok, possibly the cheesiest blog title ever, bit hey, I just haven’t got the time to think too hard about a great, thought provoking title.

I haven’t written much for a while as life has just been tough, both physically and emotionally.

There have been a few changes a FNW HQ.  I Hope they are for the better for all concerned.

There wasn’t a fall out or anything sinister, simply a difference of opinion and perhaps different long term goals that might have caused more issues later on in life if not resolved.  So we decided to resolve it the best, and fairest way we could.

I wish those who might be reading this the very best luck in the next chapter of their life, and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch.  Though they don’t need much luck as they are pretty cool, and pretty clever and will always do well.

But that is one chapter over and as one door closes another opens.

We have decided to get an office.  The type that everyone can see, especially when its dark (as it has an illuminated sign).  A real office.  A high street office.  In East Dulwich.  Home of perhaps 57 other agents, no less.  OK, maybe 17.  I haven’t actually counted as that might put the jeepers up me.

So we’re going to be another boring high street agency, in a high street that already has far too many.  But we’re not boring.  Far from it. How can we be when we are called fishneedwater? We’re even having graffiti on our walls.  That’s just too cool for words. Innit?

And we’re different from other agents.  We are all about value.  We won’t charge shocking fees.  We’ve already saved one Dulwich client over £8000 selling her house.  To be frank it was the easiest sale we’ve had.  Three offers in less than 7 days and £50,000 over the asking price!

We think a good idea and a long term plan is to focus on customer service and relationships and trust.  These are the things we want to be noticed and admired for.  The fee’s are a total bonus if you ask me. But don’t take our word for it.  Talk to our clients, as they are happy to talk to you in person.

Hopefully we’ll be able to show a few other local residents that you just needn’t pay £10,000 plus (for what is essentially not a particularly difficult thing to do when your property is in one of SE London most popular places).

Anyhow, I don’t want to rattle on.  The office is now in motion.  Currently its a car crash, and hopefully soon it’ll be a small prang, like when you get back from shopping and someone left a small ding in your door.

We just don’t have Foxtons budget (but who does in real life?) so it won’t be an all glass frontage with enough desks for 20 staff. (at 3k each a pop).  However if Foxtons have just fired you, please check our website for openings.  We have just started our bus ride and want to get the right people on it.

I’ll post the pictures of the story so far.  And I’ll try to update it every few days for those who follow it (love to my wife).

It’s a new chapter in my life and my business partners life.  An exciting, and scary and hopefully rewarding one for both of us.

PS If you run a small business and want a small space of 5-6 desks, call me as I have a perfect solution for you and its cheaper than a serviced office and cooler than Ice-Ts beer cooler on a cool day in coolville.