November is bringing some cold winter chills. Our estate agents in Camberwell tell you how to keep warm and toasty at home this winter.

Keeping the cold out of your home this winter is essential for ensuring yourself and your family stay healthy and warm. The NHS warns that people need to stay warm to stay well during these brisk months. Our estate agents in Camberwell recommend that when looking for a property to move into, you should check the insulation of the house and find out what heating system the property has.

However, even a well-insulated house can feel cold if the weather decides to drop to freezing — or even lower! One of the real problems is the price of electric and gas bills in the winter. While people want to keep their homes warm, the cost of heating and insulation can really add up. You may be eligible for Cold Weather Payment if you are on certain benefits, so look into whether the Government can help you with this.

Camberwell estate agents have a wealth of knowledge about the best ways to keep homes warm this winter. Here’s our advice to make sure you stay warm and healthy this winter, while trying to save the pennies along the way.

Insulate Your Home

Having a well-insulated house should be your first port of call when looking to winter-proof your home. If you can afford the initial expense, double glazing windows can make a big difference. Adding double glazing to the living room and bedrooms is important for keeping in the warmth at night.

Loft insulation is also a smart way to keep your house warmer. This is another added expense, but you can buy the materials and do it without calling in an expert as a cheaper alternative. Talk to the National Energy Foundation for more details about installing loft insulation yourself.

If you can’t shell out the expense of double glazing or loft insulation, an alternative is to purchase thick curtains — or even make them at home. Thick curtains can actually make a big difference to keeping heat in a room. Buying a cheap, thick material, such as fleece, and lining it to your current curtains can add that extra bit of protection from the elements.

”Cover Your Floor by Getting Creative” say our Estate Agents in SE5

You can lose as much as 10% of your home’s heat through uninsulated floors. If you don’t have carpets, using rugs to help keep the heat in is ideal. Our estate agents in SE5 think this is a perfect opportunity to get creative and make a rug yourself using various materials. Alternatively, buy a funky rug design to match your home.

Watch Out for Drafts

Letter boxes, cat flaps, and even keyholes can invite a lot of unwanted cold air into your home. Finding different materials to prevent these drafts can have a big impact. Some brush material can cover up your letterbox, a small piece of blanket can sort out the cat flap, and you can find covers for keyholes as well.

Drafts under doors can be prevented by lining something against the door. You can buy high-end, designer door draft stoppers, or simply make your own by using an old pair of tights and filling it with socks.

Set Your Heater Timers On

If you have timers on your central heating, now is the time to use them. Waking up to a cold flat is the worst feeling and sleeping through the night in cold conditions is far from ideal. It’s more efficient to set your central heating to turn on earlier, rather than turning it up to the hottest level for a short period of time.

Give Your Radiators Space

This can be tricky depending on the size and shape of your room, but making sure your radiators are not blocked by furniture can make a big difference. Our letting agents in Camberwell often see sofas blocking radiators in homes. Reorganising your furniture can have a big impact on the heat circulating the room. Give the heat generated by radiators some room to spread across the home, and you’ll immediately feel the benefits.

Our Camberwell estate agents in South East London want you to keep warm this winter. Be sure to ask our letting agents about home insulation and warmth when looking around our vast array of property