Recently we had one of our clients tell us how another agent remarked that he’d get monkeys if he paid peanuts after said agent looked on our website and saw our fee’s.

I retorted that ‘assume makes an ass of out u and me’.  He was an ass of the highest order, and pretty unprofessional in criticising his competition.

What I think is that the agency he works for charge far too much to simply let a property.

Landlords, if you have good quality stock in London, the current short supply of housing stock literally means you’ll be inundated with tenant enquiries, provided you market on the UK’s leading property portals.

Use a quality agent that offers professional images and floor-plans as standard, for example like these, and you will find quality tenants very quickly.

If the process for letting good quality stock is so relatively simple, then why are letting agents fees approaching 10% (or 11% in some cases) to simply find your tenant and administrate your tenancy?

If the rent you achieved was £1325 – as shown on the property above, a fee of 10% plus vat would equate to a charge of £1908.  That’s nearly 1.5 months rent charge for very little effort!

Our landlord had a total fee of £354, and is extremely happy with our service, and our attention to detail.

If you require an attentive and passionate service from your agent, please call us to find out more about our great value fees for landlords that have more sense than money.