Some advice to help sell your property in Lee SE12

Market at the right price

Its a fact that much of what is available on the open market for sale is price too high.  This is affecting the number of completed property sales.   It’s also leading to an unusually high number of properties receiving a lower valuation when the buyers Mortgage lender sends their valuer to assess the purchase price.

Check what other properties are selling for in your road or the surrounding roads – providing the properties are similar in style and size.  What is the ceiling price?  You can see what properties have sold for on and on

In this market you’ll be hard pushed to find a surveyor who will value a property beyond the ceiling price without very a good reason to support the valuation price.

Make sure your marketing is top quality (and not make-shift!)

Do your property images look like this?

If not, then you (or rather your agent) probably isn’t making as big an effort as you should expect, given the fees they will eventually charge you!

Shop around for your agent

The agent that charges the most doesn’t equate to the agent that will sell your property for the best price.  In fact, we are of the opinion that prices are not being determined by agents in this market, but rather by surveyors.  So if the agent offers a higher valuation, do ask for supporting data to back up their valuation.  If they cannot offer you clear data of sold properties to support their high valuation, then frankly they are likely to be talking out of their backsi…

So… make sure you find an agent that doesn’t talk nonsense

At fishneedwater we think it’s pointless to tell you anything other than how it is, even if its not exactly what you want to hear.

That’s why we work differently and aim to get your property sold quickly by being prudent in the first instance.

If you wish to instruct us, you’ll get

  • A RICS valuation carried out – so we know the market price you’ll likely sell for
  • Professional photo’s & Floor-plans – So your property stands out from the competition & other agents properties
  • Low fees starting at an incredible £795 plus vat
  • We’re Lee Estate Agents

Using the average house price data in the London Postcode of SE12 – Lee, you can save as much as £12,280 selling your property through fishneedwater