Assuming you’ve already made a few improvements getting your property ready for sale, you should now be totally focused on ‘staging it’, ready for photos.

Remember a perfectly staged property = a better sale price, and I can’t stress enough how much the effort is worth it!

Remember to also make sure your property presented the same way for viewings too, as it’s really important your viewers feel it’s exactly what they were hoping to see.

Light it up

It’s surprising how much difference light can make to a property. A well-lit property will appear bigger and more appealing, so be sure to make the most of it. Make sure windows are clean and clear, with curtains or blinds pulled back.

Also think about ‘dusk shots’ in your garden, or around the exterior if your property is particularly attractive.


A mix of high, mid and low-level lighting will add some atmosphere, with a few floor or table lamps giving a soft, and welcoming homely glow.

Try placing a lamp on a bookshelf if a corner of a room feels too dark – plus it will make the room appear larger.


To within an inch of your life. De-personalise it too as nobody will want to see your family photos.

If your property is going to appeal to a younger market, and those buyers prefer minimalist design decor, consider removing some furniture if you have lots of it!

Don’t forget to make sure cupboards are neat and tidy too, as buyers will want to look in them.

Rearrange Furniture

You have likely organised your rooms in the way that suits you best, so take a moment to consider if re-arranging it might give a feeling of more space.  Try moving bigger items around and take advice from a friend if necessary.

Remember that the more a buyer likes a property, the more they will pay for a property!

Circulation space around furniture is crucial at viewings. If space seems at a premium, a good rule of thumb is to remove half of the pieces of furniture in the room – the feeling of spaciousness will be worth the storage costs.

Moving any furniture away from walls so that it appears to ‘float’ in the room, is also a tried-and-tested interior design trick to make a room appear bigger.

However, if your favourite sofa is looking a little threadbare, or you have an empty property there are Companies devoted to providing stylish furniture to rent. You can try for example.

If you have a particularly desirable property in a great location (a garden flat or house for example) and it’s empty, please get in touch as we have some furniture that we can loan. Properties that are well-staged with furniture attract offers 2 to 15% higher than properties that are empty.

Don’t forget your garden

If you have a garden, don’t over-look it. A table set with an ice bucket and glasses, with cushions on the chairs will give buyers a warm feeling.

Make sure it’s neat and tidy and trimmed and make your dining/eating/sitting area the feature of your photographs.


Those little Nuances

Now you’ve de-cluttered and packed away the unnecessary items, think about the little nuances you can add to create a feeling of ‘love’ in your property.

Flowers in the living room and bedroom, lighted candles and neatly folded towels in the bathroom, the dining table set ready for dinner or after dinner drinks.  Having some trendy, modern printed artwork on the wall helps too. These are the things that will touch the emotions of your viewers

Staging a property isn’t just de-cluttering.  It’s about using the space available properly.  Re-arranging your furniture if necessary and making sure your photos really draw buyers in, so they feel warm and can imagine being happy in your home.  You are selling the lifestyle and the dream.

If you want to have a chat about staging your home for sale, I’d be delighted to offer my opinion so get in touch