If moving home is anything, it’s a massive to-do list! Jobs to do right now, others in the future, and plenty of opportunity to wonder what you’ve missed.


In short, there’s a lot going on, and the best way to avoid overwhelm is to spread the tasks across different points of your move.

So, we’ve broken up the list into manageable chunks with the following five stages:

  • Preparing to go on the market
  • While your home is for sale
  • When you have a moving date
  • Packing like a pro
  • Moving day mastery

Narrowing your focus to a few jobs at a time makes selling your home so much easier and far less stressful, and our moving checklist has got you covered every step of the way.


Perfect presentation is priority number one when you’re selling. You can also pave the way for a smooth legal and financial process with the following steps:

  • Double-check your moving budget, including early mortgage repayment charges, stamp duty and selling fees, then speak to an independent advisor about borrowing options and costs.
  • Slash months off the time it takes to move by appointing a modern solicitor now who’s willing to create a draft contract pack before you find a buyer – you won’t regret insisting on this!
  • Ask your solicitor for the Property Information Forms to complete, then dig out your deeds and any warranties, receipts, permissions and certificates for any improvements you’ve made.

There’s no question that filling in paperwork is a bit of a chore, but it is an essential part of selling. More than that, finishing it early gives you time to find everything you need without holding things up.



You might feel there’s not much to do between putting your home on the market and agreeing a sale,  but there is some valuable housekeeping and preliminary groundwork to think about, including:


  • Keeping an eye out for anything you missed in your initial declutter. Are the backs of your cupboards hiding any items you can dispose of now to reduce your workload later?
  • Calling removal firms to get an idea of costs, general availability, and how they work so you can shortlist one or two favourites for when you’re ready to book.
  • Maintaining moving momentum by keeping your home looking like the photos to give buyers what they booked to see, and listening to feedback in case your presentation needs a tweak.

A major factor in a successful move is the communication and relationship with your estate agent, and you can find a treasure trove of tips on working together as a top-notch team



As your sale progresses, the moment will come to agree a day for legal completion, generally 2-4 weeks after contracts are exchanged. Once you have a date, here’s what to do next.


  • Book a van and order your boxes, tape and packing materials a couple of weeks before your moving date so you can pack leisurely and panic-free.
  • Start listing banks, utilities, surgeries, memberships, schools, vets, insurers, councils, DVLA, TV licensing, etc. for changing your address – most can be done online. And don’t forget friends!
  • Depending on how far you’re moving and how long it takes to get there, begin using up your freezer contents to avoid a defrosting drama and soggy boxes.


Finally, if you’ve been eyeing up new furnishings for your new home or plan to make some improvements, now’s the time to place those orders and start booking contractors.


When it comes to perfect packing, it’s all about the journey. From easy loading to safe transportation and speedy unpacking, it’s all about thinking inside the box!


  • Tape your boxes properly for strength, label them clearly, and stick to medium and large sizes instead of XL – they’re lighter, easier to carry, and more flexible for slotting into the van.
  • Prepare post-it notes for the doors of each room at your new home that match the labels on your boxes so your belongings can go straight to their destination.
  • Use textiles and clothes as padding so loose items don’t scratch each other, and wrap crockery in white packing paper instead of newspaper so you don’t have to wash it all when you unpack.


Worried about creating lots of waste? Be an eco-warrior by ordering used moving boxes from sites like reuseabox.co.uk, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, then passing them on again after unpacking.




Did you know that no law of nature says moving day has to be a nightmare? In fact, it can run like clockwork and be full of fun and excitement with the right preparation, so make sure you:


  • Have a hearty, healthy and relaxed breakfast before the removal van arrives to set yourself up for the day ahead.
  • Pack an Instant Access Box of tea, coffee, sugar, milk, cups, plates, cutlery and snacks for refreshment breaks to keep everyone going.
  • Leave a list for your buyer (and ask for one from your seller) of where the stopcock and meters are and how the alarm works, then give it to your estate agent when you drop off the keys.


To end, unpack as soon as possible, folding empty boxes as you go to clear the floor fast. You’ll never be more motivated than today, and you can wake up tomorrow with a wonderful start to your new chapter.


Are you getting ready to move?

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