We’ve just completed on our first sale in N11.

We never even visited the property in the first instance.  We spoke with our client, explained to him how we operated, agreed a great fee (well great when compared to the local agents quotes he had been offered) and offered a free online valuation using our various methods to help us conclude the correct marketing price.

A few days later we called Mr H again to see what he felt about our offer and our valuation.  Accurate, he said and it was very close to his own workings out.  He wanted to give us a try, at least for a month.  Great we thought, lets see if our business plan actually works.

We sent our photographer Tim off across London and he took some great images for us, which made our client happy. So far, so good.

A few weeks later we had an offer which was accepted, and it was for more than our advertised price.  Amazingly our client didn’t take the buyers best offer as it was more than the figure he had originally dreamed of.  A man of strong vision.

A few months later and it’s now completed, and our client has been a real pleasure to deal with throughout.  We’ll miss his musings and the banter, however we’ll be sure to keep him on our Christmas list.

This is what he said (about us):

Fish need Water is head and shoulders above all the High Street Estate Agents I know . I am not a property dealer but having had to move with my work, I’ve bought and sold houses on five occasions in North and East London and in Thorpe Bay over the past thirty years, so I’ve dealt with a few different Estate Agents. Right from the word ‘go’ James and his colleague Dave have been different – engaged, attentive, and helpful. Their approach to selling my North London home was fresh, honest, active and involved. It was clear very early on that I was dealing with people who were knowledgable about the business, who listened to and fully understood my requirements, and who treated me helpfully and with respect. James arranged photographs of my house the quality of which were stunning and really delighted me. He kept in touch with me continuously on what was happening in the chain, and I didn’t have to chase him even once! . Best of all, he introduced me to buyers I truly liked, and to whom I was very pleased to be able to sell the house I’ve lived in and loved for the last eleven years!. At no time after it went on the market did I have any concerns that it would sell. I cannot recommend FishneedWater highly enough – these guys worked like a dream for me, and they took all the potential hassle out of selling and moving house. I am recommending them to friends who are thinking of selling in Spring.

You can see his review on allagents.co.uk (so you can see its not made up!)

All you need to do to get a huge saving from a high street agent fee is carry out a view viewings, like Mr H did.  In fact the feedback we got was really positive and both Mr H and the viewers enjoyed the honesty of the experience.