Get your marketing right for quicker results

Almost all reputable agents advertise their stock on the same UK property portals, namely Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and Find a Property.

However where agents differ is the way in which they present their properties on the internet.

In any type of marketplace, you are competing against other agents properties in a similar style /price range that are for sale in your area – with all listings vying to attract the interests of would-be buyers.

In more testing markets (such as now), its even more important to ensure your property stands out and screams ‘look at me’, as there are less buyers looking (Rightmove suggesting that 70% of all properties in 2011 unsold!).

Bog standard agent photo’s:


Words that describe my initial thoughts:

Gloomy, dark, uninviting, small, cramped, cloudy, cold and so on.

What do the images make you think?  Do you want to view the property?

Effective property photo’s


Words that describe my initial thoughts:

Wow, lovely, clean, spacious, show home, trendy, cozy, inviting, happy (and I’m sure I could easily continue for a while, but I’m sure you get the picture).

Can you see the difference that great photo’s make?  Looking at the second set of images, you are far more likely to want to view the property aren’t you?

What kind of example does your property advert resemble?

Are you currently trying to find a buyer for your property?  If so, what example above does your advert look like?

If its the former, then speak to your agent now, before your property advert stagnates. There really isn’t any excuse for an agent to advertise your property in such a carefree manner, especially when the eventual fees often run into to many thousands.

Quality marketing might not be as expensive as you think

You don’t need to use a ‘high-end’ agent to ensure your marketing is top quality.  You just need an agent that cares.

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