This week’s property comes from Glengarry Road in East Dulwich, SE22. Situated only 10 minutes from our offices, I noticed this beautifully restored 5 bedroom property and I immediately realised that its’ quite a catch. Traditionally East Dulwich host such similar type properties in the area; however this one would be the pick for me, this is down to a number of specific reasons.

One primary reason is that this property has been restored to a very high finish and in that process its been given the luxury of three bathrooms and five bedrooms all of which have been furnished to a great standard.

The really eye-catching feature of this property for me is the front of the house because of it’s inviting appearance. The stand-outs for me being the street door, tiled floor and windows, so imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and your guest walk towards something as inviting and magnificent as this. Have a look yourself and see if you agree