This weeks property of the week comes to you from Upland Road in our local East Dulwich. Now I know it may seem like I’m plugging my own business but believe me this property has enough enquiries on it!

A very spacious property, this 4 bedroom semi-detached house in East Dulwich is quite pleasing on the eyes. Served with a large and atmospheric garden, the house make great use of natural light through large windows for it’s neutrally coloured rooms. Although if an owner wanted to personalise they property they’d have much to play with. The major details such as off-street parking, the popularity of the road and the location are all of great high standard.

The space available in the property is quite the feature and the dreamer in me can imagine myself relaxing during the summer in the spacious garden or merely enjoying the view of a garden filled with snow.

Have a look yourself at&see if you agree with my property of the week! Link: