Should you be investing in East Dulwich or Dulwich when it comes to property? Dulwich is the upmarket neighbour of East Dulwich which has transformed itself over the last 10 years as a popular place for professionals to live.

The average property value in East Dulwich ( SE22 ) is £650,000 and in Dulwich ( SE21 ) they are £925,000, whilst the average rents are actually higher at £1760 per month in East Dulwich SE22 than it’s upmarket cousin in SE21 (£1544 pcm). East Dulwich has a better yield that Dulwich 3.25% vs 2% but we cannot solely look at rental yield to get a full picture of these areas. I have done a little research to compare the two seemingly similar towns in more depth.

Investing in property is all about what you buy the property for. You make your money with your buying value, rather than your eventual sale value. Over the last five years, property values in East Dulwich have increased by 43%. This is great for those that have already bought a property in the town. When I looked at the property values in Dulwich over this time, the growth was a little lower at 39.6% which supports the fact East Dulwich is still considered an up and coming area when it is compared to its more affluent neighbour. This means, if you are considering buying now, East Dulwich would be the better town to invest in both when you take into account rental yield and capital growth. If you would like our opinion on what to buy, feel free to come into our offices.