The team have written a couple of articles this week comparing locations in Camberwell and Dulwich.  Not to be out done I thought I would throw in my own version for you all to digest.  Culmore Road in SE15 is mainly made up of ex local authority housing with an average value of £352k compared to the properties on Talfourd Road which are mainly period housing stock whose average value is £640k.

The average rent that can be achieved on a 2 bed in Culmore Road is around £1250 per calendar month (pcm).  A 2 bed maisonette recently sold for £285k in 2014 so the gross yield for this kind of property would be 5.3%.  Two beds on Talfourd Rd on average will rent for about £1450 pcm giving a gross yield of 4.3%.  Putting the two numbers together it looks like Culmore Road has outperforms Talfourd Rd by 23% in terms of gross yield.

But the rental yield does not paint the complete picture.  We now need to take a look at the capital growth.  You could buy a 2 bed in Culmore Rd in 2001 for £90k, the same property sold again in 2014 for £285k giving impressive capital growth figures of 216%.

On Talfourd Rd a 2 bed could be purchased for around £105k in 2001 and in 2014 for £400k giving a far superior capital growth of 285%

So when you look at it more closely and examine the overall growth you would have been much better investing in Talfourd Rd but it’s a risk relying on capital growth alone so always do your research first.

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