We’ve all seen articles about how more people are now using the internet to make their lives more convenient. Banks now advertise on TV that you can log in to check your accounts and even make transactions from your smartphone.  Tech Tracker stated in 2016 Q3 “The proportion of adults using mobile phones to access the internet is at 71% (in the UK).

Since Rightmove decided that the internet would be an ideal platform for people to view different properties (and make their shortlist for viewing), it’s grown exponentially, and now over 95% of people use it as a tool to do exactly this.  I mean, why would you waste endless hours visiting numerous agent’s offices to ask what they might have for sale or for let when you can see all of them in one easy to manage the place.  From here you can create a shortlist of what properties tick your boxes.

And it’s become more advanced recently, with added features such as ensuring you are alerted when properties that match predetermined criteria’s are new on the market.  You can even search for keywords in property descriptions.   It just makes the whole process of finding property so convenient, and less of a chore.  You can spend more time viewing what you like, and less time getting a sales pitch in an agent’s office.

So it irks me a little when I see agents making such little effort to show off their client’s property to the best of their ability.  Now, this is especially irksome when said agent is likely to be earning many thousands in some cases in fees.

Rightmove has even alluded to the fact that properties marketed ‘correctly;’ attract more hits and more viewings requests, and We’d go as far as saying will eventually sell for more if presented in the right way.

This is a properly taken image:

It’s better lit, has a nice angle and helps to sell the room and how much light it exudes.

(Click the image to see more quality images.)

Also, floor-plans ought to be standard from every agent, as I haven’t met a person yet that didn’t look at the layout before deciding on whether a viewing would follow.

Marketing is essential.  Make sure your agent is really selling your property online if you want to attract more of the 95% of people that will be looking and comparing your property to your competition.