The start of every year brings new energy to the property market, so if you had no luck selling your home in 2023, take comfort that hope is still on the horizon.

As the nights get lighter and the market warms up, buyers and sellers start thinking about moving in time for summer, and our diary fills again with valuations and viewings.

It’s a buzzing time, and if you want your second shot at selling to be a success, you’ve probably got a few burning questions, like:

  • Is it a good idea to take a break from the market?
  • What’s the real reason you didn’t sell before, and what’s your competition now?
  • Can you do anything to improve your presentation and chances of a sale?
  • Should you stick with your original agent, or is it time for a change?
  • How can you make your home look like a brand-new listing?

As with all of life’s big questions, these are best answered with a cup of your favourite brew. So pop the kettle on, take a seat, and get ready to relaunch your home and make your move this year.



Taking a break for a couple of weeks can give you enough time to recharge your batteries, formulate a new plan, and make any changes for a fresh new start.


  • Homes that are new on the market always generate the most interest: from buyers searching online, to automatic alerts from the property portals, and agents making calls.
  • When a property has been available for several months, it becomes less likely to sell: it either fades into the background, or stands out as going stale.


  • Stepping away for a short break will create time for the market to move on, for new buyers to come along, and to reset your home with a shiny New Listing

Sometimes, there’s nothing more valuable than pausing for thought. Having the space to think is often the magic ingredient that produces the best ideas.



Comments from viewings offer valuable clues to why a home hasn’t sold, even if you don’t like what you hear. But there are extra tell-tale signs as well, so make sure you:

  • Arrange a time to speak with your agent, perhaps in person over coffee, and review the feedback from every viewing: encourage total frankness to be sure of an accurate picture.
  • Ask your agent whether they have any more thoughts about why you didn’t find a buyer. If you only had a few viewings, was there something in the way of people coming to take a look?
  • Check what similar homes to yours have recently sold and are on the market now to compare their qualities, price and marketing – does yours match up, or fall short?


Once you’ve got all the comments you can handle, make some notes so you don’t forget and then take a couple of days to absorb everything you’ve heard. Then, it’s time to take some action.



If you’re relaunching your home after being on the market before, a fresh new look and feel will help catch everyone’s eye, including buyers who might otherwise scroll on by because they’ve seen your listing before.

  • Inject some on-trend style with cushions, throws and bedding between rooms to switch up your look.
  • Use paint for easy and instant pizzazz: to hide scuffs, brighten a dark room, add a striking feature wall, or freshen up your front door.
  • Move furniture around to open up sightlines, make rooms feel bigger and change their entire atmosphere – or create some extra space by removing excess pieces.

A great way to make changes that work is to ask a candid friend or relative to wander around and make suggestions for improvements – a fresh pair of eyes will notice things you miss or have gotten used to.



Although the market in 2023 wasn’t ideal for selling a home, it may not be the only reason you didn’t find a buyer, so it’s worth digging a little deeper before you have another go.


  • Think about your agent’s service and communication so far: how did they make you feel? Valued and informed, or ignored and in the dark?
  • Ask for their ideas for a new campaign in 2024 to see how much energy and enthusiasm they still have and how credible you find their advice.
  • If you feel they’ve run out of steam, the start of the year is the perfect time to switch to someone new: perhaps to your original second choice, or to an agent you haven’t spoken to yet.

Changing estate agents doesn’t have to be a hassle, and you’ll find everything you need for a smooth transition right here in our previous blog



Whether you’re staying with your original agent or going with someone new, your home stands the best chance of selling when your marketing looks completely fresh, both online and offline.

  • Get new professional-quality photos taken to show off your newly restyled rooms, and make sure there’s a mix of wide-angle and close-up detail shots to highlight standout features.
  • Review your description to ensure it captures the true essence of your home, paying particular attention to the first paragraph: start with a bold headline and the biggest selling points.
  • Explore if a new pricing strategy – whether up or down – could put you in front of more people by using the price search bands on the portals more effectively.

Your online advert is the first thing most buyers will see, and your best chance of getting them to stop, click and book will come from a thorough review to ensure everything pops.



Are you looking to relaunch your move this year?

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