Welcome to your November 2021 edition of the Fish Need Water Newslettter!

Here’s what we’ve got coming up for you:

  1. The Eco Frinedly Landlord: Our Guide to profitable & sustainable buy-to-let success
  2. Hot Property: How to Achieve the Very Best Price for your Home
  3. Property Industry Eye: UK homes unfit for the challenges of climate change

What a year it’s been for landlords – with energy prices rising, utility bills on the up and legislation around the energy efficiency of rental homes getting tighter, it can be a daunting sea for a landlord to navigate. Whether you’re managing a single rental or vast portfolio.

In this month’s newsletter, we look at ways to make your rental property profitable and sustainable in the current climate (pardon the pun!). We also look at why some properties sell like hotcakes and some struggle to get one offer.


Have a look at our recent blog: The Ec0 Landlord

“Energy-efficient upgrades are about so much more than simply keeping up with legislation. With the right execution they make sound financial sense and help you attract high-quality, long-term tenants and increase your income by creating a feelgood-factor around your portfolio.” – The Eco Landlord


Selling your property can be a daunting process, but we’re here to help.  Having the right estate agent in your corner to guide you through the process and show you how to avoid pitfalls can be invaluable. Click HERE to read our latest blog on turning your property into a hot commodity. We’ll provide top tips to finding an estate agent you can trust and build a relationship with so that you get the best buyer with the highest price.


Older residential properties were not constructed with energy efficiency in mind.

“It is estimated that the residential housing sector is responsible for one fifth of all UK CO2 emissions – majority of which comes from heating homes.” – Property Industry Eye 2021

Recent studies show that 30% of homes in England and Wales rate poorly on energy performance, and this reflects on Energy Performance Certificates where they carry ratings of E or below. You can find out more about the stats and thier implications HERE

The good news is that with an experienced lettings agent who’s looking out for your best interests, becoming an Eco-Landlord isn’t out of reach.


You’re more likely to attract the best kind of tenant, who will stay for longer and take care of your property better, when you’ve got the right kind of property. Make yours more appealing by increasing your energy performance.

We’ve helped many a landlord maximise demand for their property and rental yield over the years. If you own a rental property in East Dulwich and you’d like to chat about making the right improvements, call us on 07753869016 or email anthony@fishneedwater.com – we’d love to be your managing agent and help you grow in the right direction.