sarahbeeny1Sarah Beeny originally found success presenting Property Ladder, a TV programme aired first on Channel 4, where she helped people to add value to their homes by designing clever ‘makeovers’.

Sarah said, “of course it’s their house, and some people take my advice and others don’t and that’s a bit frustrating”.  She continued “But I’m just here to give good advice, and if they don’t want it, well that’s fine too”.

“Sometimes I’ll suggest something and its completely different to anything they have thought of before, and they get excited by the idea and just do it, which is great.  I think this is really cool”.

Sarah’s top tip for those wanting to carry out home improvements is to be totally flexible but think about the future too.

She continues “I always encourage people to think about how important it actually is to future proof their home, especially when families are involved”. “Your property needs to be suitable for both younger and older children alike, and without having to make much effort in the way of change”.

So there you have it from UK property expert Sarah Beeny.