It’s not unusual for an estate agent to send junior negotiators to handle viewings. And some agents and as well as the well known ‘online agents’ employ viewing assistants.   These are low paid, inexperienced staff that effectively open doors, and greet and meet buyers, but are unlikely to be very influential in ‘selling’ your home at a viewing.

You can show your own home better than a viewing assistant can!

Now that working at home is becoming ‘a new thing’, why not show off your own home and save a lot of money in the process?

Because if you show buyers around yourself, you could save almost £4000 compared to a typical agency fee on a property worth £500,000 based on a typical agent fee of 1.5% plus vat.

That’s a HUGE saving.

Once you’ve hooked a buyer with your enthusiasm for your home, your work is done, then it’s our job to make sure we secure the very best offer possible for your property.

Negotiation is an art, and we’re good at it. In fact, our results, according to agent comparison website are amongst the very best locally (you can check it yourself).

You’ll get the exact same service from us as a regular client does, with the only difference being you’ll show buyers around in exchange for a heavily reduced fee.

Kirti showed her own property to buyers. This is what she said:

From the onset we felt that we were going to get a rounded approach from James and the team at Fish Need Water in order to get a successful sale of our property. We took the option of doing our own viewings, it was cheaper and gave us the option to talk to buyers about what it was like to like there. The process was well supported by Fish Need Water with plenty of viewings, advance notice of who was coming round to do the viewing, good feedback after the viewing etc. The price negotiations were done strictly via James as agreed at the onset of the selling process. The after sales process was well managed via Lorraine who was excellent at communicating calmly with all sides to keep things moving , especially when things got a bit fraught.

See Kirti’s Five Star* Review here

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