So what did we learn from the Mary Portas expose on estate agents?  We learned that some agents don’t even bother to  know the property they are trying to sell in any kind of detail that might be useful to the seller.  We learned that some estate agents admit rather candidly to properties selling themselves.  We learned they some estate agents are great at creative writing and euphemisms, but not so good at telling the truth.  We learned that some agents don’t even know the local school that’s just around the corner (which is even noted on the map on Rightmove, just underneath the property photographs and description – and you can even see how far away it is).   We learned that some agents admitted to only spending only a few days worth of work in selling a property yet still seemed to think a fee of many thousands was fair.  We learned that some estate agents need to be told by the seller and Mary Portas how to best sell a property (and as far as I can tell, neither are experienced ‘estate agents’).

Sell it yourself

If you have the ability to, why not conduct the viewings yourself.  I mean, you know what makes your property a great place to live.  You know the local schools, shops and best restaurants and bars.  And surely you don’t want a Phillip having a go?

Save money

Online agents advertise in much the same place as your high street agent.  Price your property correctly (and get it market ready if you have the finances) and it should be attractive to buyers.  We use a RICS qualified chartered surveyor to help determine the ‘mortgageable’ market value.  More importantly our fees start at just £795 plus VAT which is up to 90% less than many high street agencies for almost the same service.


According to Mary Portas 79% of people don’t trust an estate agent: So why use one? when given the tools (Rightmove and other portals), some good advice (from an NAEA – National Association of Estate Agents member), post offer sales support (we want your property to sell as much as you do – as results breed referrals and recommendations) and professional property marketing (we use an ‘actual’ professional to produce stunning photograpy), you have every opportunity to sell your property without needing to venture any further than your PC or a telephone.  The hight street – it’s the high cost street.