Being an estate agent is a bit like running a dating agency: playing Cupid every day, cultivating commitment and building long-term relationships that lead to living together. It’s more than marketing; it’s matchmaking!

If you’ve ever experienced online dating, you’ll know that someone’s profile and pictures never tell the full story: it’s only when you meet that you know if it’s going to work. Until then, you’ve only got their looks to go on.

That’s just what it’s like when selling your home. The property portals are effectively Tinder for buyers and, with so many listings on show, it can sometimes come down to chance whether someone stops on your profile or simply scrolls on by.

Marketing is an essential first step, but there’s more than that to estate agency; it’s about listening to people’s stories, forming connections and building trust. It all comes down to crafting those magical a-ha moments of: “we’ve got just the person”, and here’s where we show you how.


Right now, your thoughts are probably looking forward to everything you’re hoping for in your next home: the extra space, a bigger garden, maybe somewhere for an office or studio. The future is really exciting, and that’s where your focus goes.

But to find you the perfect buyer, we need to go back in time to when you bought your current home. Very often, people coming to view will be at the same stage in life as when you first moved in, so it’s helpful to know why you chose this home out of all the others available.

What did you think when you first arrived outside? How did you feel when you stepped into the hallway? When did the moment hit that this was ‘the one’ for you?

When we tell potential buyers why you fell in love with your home, it adds another dimension to viewings beyond the bricks and mortar. Whether it’s how the morning light hits the dining table, or your favourite sunspot in the garden, or where you love to curl up with a good book, it all paints a picture.

Even if your home looks perfect today, are there any ideas you’ve had for making it even better? Hidden possibility and further potential can ignite valuable extra interest, so don’t be afraid to tell all!


Not everyone is looking to move at the same speed, and matching people’s timescales is a vital component in getting any sale to work, so it helps to know the dates you’re working to and whether they’re flexible or non-negotiable.

Imagine you’re hoping to move towards the end of summer in time for the new school year; there’d be little point in bringing you buyers who don’t want to move until Christmas. And if you’re expecting a new addition to the family or relocating for work, you’ll probably have a strict schedule that we’ll need to take into account.

The more you tell us about your dates and plans, the more we can narrow the field to a buyer that’s right for you.


The type of property that people begin their search for can look quite different to the home they eventually buy. In fact, they can be more certain about why their existing home no longer works than exactly what they need from their next one. But with each subsequent viewing, their clarity increases as their priorities evolve.

We can fast-track that process by digging deeper from the start. Having a detailed conversation of discovery when a buyer first contacts us can establish very quickly whether or not your home could be the one for them.

A typical example is when someone asks for a specific number of bedrooms. Do they need them all for sleeping, or do they need an office at home? Would an alternative space or suggestion provide a better solution? Perhaps an extra living room, or even a cabin in the garden for some extra peace and quiet.

With a bit of detective work beyond mundane questions, we can match buyers to a home they’ll genuinely love and with fewer wasted viewings.


Intuition is a surprisingly effective tool in matching people to property.

A feeling, a hunch, a notion – call it what you will, but noticing reactions on viewings provides valuable clues to what someone will actually buy. When their face lights up at a fireplace in a living room, the view from a bedroom, or the privacy of a garden, those are the golden insights that we’re always looking out for.

When you invite us into your home, we’re thinking about more than value when you’re showing us around. We can almost guarantee that names will be popping into our head as we take in the layout, space and features, then make mental connections with the buyers registered with us.

By knowing what people really care about and focussing on their aspirations, we can help your viewers to visualise their lives in your home. And from this comes certainty and commitment, two priceless commodities in your move.


Many factors can affect the speed and progress of your sale, and, aside from someone falling in love with your home, they need to be ready, willing and able to buy it. People don’t move every day and may not be familiar with the process, which means it’s our job to establish your buyer’s budget and buying position.

It’s not enough to ask if someone is getting a mortgage or paying with cash. Everyone’s financial position is unique, so it’s essential to know how their funds are being arranged.

If your buyer is taking out a mortgage, is it already agreed in principle? If they’re cash, and for any deposit monies, are those funds readily available, or are they tied up in multiple assets or accounts?

In the event of a chain, we confirm every link to ensure the foundations of an offer are sound. That means talking to every estate agent involved about how far the connected sales have advanced so that we can recommend a buyer with confidence.

And if you’re lucky enough to have more than one offer, you’ll want to be sure that the one you accept is the best combination of price, ability and timescale.

In summary

There’s plenty that goes into finding you the perfect buyer: appreciating the qualities of your home, taking an interest in why people are moving, and asking thoughtful questions are all part of the work. But when all those planets align, it makes for a simpler, smoother and more enjoyable move for everyone.

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? We’d love to hear your story and all about your plans. Call us on 0208 4321505 or email us at; let’s get talking about where you’d like to go and when you want to get there, so we can help you on your way.