I have always found it an interesting human phenomenon that people often like and want things more, when they are aware other people also like or want that thing. Similar in the way people will queue for days, in all weathers, for a new i-phone for example.

That is why I always work to book block viewings with the caveat that we have modified this approach to allow for the current COVID guidelines.

I believe there is negotiating power created when a buyer is viewing a property knowing that another buyer has just viewed the property, or is outside eagerly waiting to view property.

The goal is not to allow the buyer to dictate the time that they view a property and this is why:

  1. I know the best times to view a property based on the times of best light for a viewing, local traffic levels and general road noise levels.

  3. I work to fit viewings around the sellers timetable to create less inconvenience during the selling process. Selling your property should be well managed by your estate agent, not a time where you end up being reactive at inconvenient times.

  5. The time you book should be factored into that buyers lifestyle needs. For instance, if they are young and sociable, book them at a time when you know the coffee shops are active and there’s a nice buzz or atmosphere in the local high street.


When doing block viewings, I prefer to only have one viewer in at any time, and allow viewers to wait outside for their turn.
It’s an instant talking point to break the ice about how popular this property is (going back to the psychology that people are more inclined like even more ‘the things’ that other people like).

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