It appears that every internet agent in existence offers professional photography.

Maybe my standards are simply too high, or maybe (and I suspect this to be the case) the term is being used far too loosely.

From my super snooping – which isn’t hard as you can easily look at the agents photographs on Rightmove, it appears some agents could be in trouble with the OFT (or whoever arbitrates falsified advertising claims) if any of their seller clients actually made a complaint!

This is what professional photography should look like:

(Incidentally a sale was agreed on the property example used above within a week of advertising).

Some, nay lots of the images I see from other agents using the term ‘professional photography’ look far from this.  Possibly the distance between the earth and the moon kind of far.

Does professional photography help to market your property.  A resounding yes.  Not as much as making sure your property is marketed at the right price, but the combination of both is a sure-fire way of getting lots of interest from the Portal listings quickly.

This will reduce the amount of time you sit on the market, which is not good.  Sit too long and the only way to muster real interest might be to reduce your asking price.

We offer professional photography as standard for all our sellers – (*wink* and not just the more expensive stuff).

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