If I was selling my own property, I’d want to know that EVERY Rightmove, Zoopla or On The Market viewing enquiry would get a quick response.

During my career I’ve worked at several estate agencies across London and I’ve learned that the way in which estate agents respond to enquiries can vary drastically, but in most cases it isn’t very good.

After 8 plus years of working my way up the professional ranks of UK Estate Agency I understand what the most important factors are, that result in a sale of a property.

Estate Agents must qualify all enquiries with questions that establishes the buyers motivation to buy a property, that they can in fact proceed with any purchase and what factors they need that will make their lives more convenient.

I know that some Estate Agents are targeted on how many viewings they book on a daily or weekly basis. I’ve never thought that the number of viewings booked is a metric worth measuring. It’s an approach akin to a throwing mud at the wall.  They do it mostly to appease buyers, to give an impression they are working hard.

Not only does this waste your time but it often leads to a viewing lacking in passion that leaves the buyer also less inclined to view properties through that estate agent again.

I don’t work in that way.  I only want to view with buyers who appear to be excited about a viewing.  That really want to live in your area, and where your property is ticking a lot of their boxes.

Then it’s all about the way in which you warm up the buyer for that viewing, because they need to know you property is popular, and it’s getting a lot of calls and viewing requests.

In 2020 our average property managed to attract 35.70 viewings and was only on the market for 37.54 days before getting an acceptable offer!

If you are note already on the market or you are on the market and not getting a lot of interest, why not have a chat with me, as I can help you understand why.


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