You’ve probably heard the term ‘flip’ a property.

It’s what property investors do when they buy a property that needs refurbishing, carry out the required work and then resell it at the maximum market value.

You might have a property to sell that needs significant amounts of updating, a tired rental property or a probate property for example and there’s a need to achieve the maximum sale price possible.

Not everyone has the finance available to refurbish a property, or the experience, or knows a team capable of doing the work to a good standard.  But we do!

That’s where we might be able to help you.

If your property qualifies:

  • We’ll fund the refurbishment works and project manage it.
  • We’ll work with you on a joint-venture basis and act as your selling agent.
  • You won’t need to sell at a low price because of the property condition (meaning someone else will eventually profit from your property).
  • We will sell your property for the very best price in refurbished condition
  • You don’t need to pay us anything until your sale completes.
  • You’ll end up with much more money in your bank account.

Case Study – St Asaphs Road, SE 4

Our client is based overseas and approached us to sell her flat in SE4. It had been rented directly to Southwark Council for years and when she took possession it was in terrible condition, and there was damage throughout. The boiler was condemned as being dangerous.

I explained that due to the condition the flat was in and the amount of work needed to refurbish it throughout, it wouldn’t be appealing to most first-time buyers. It would be more attractive to investors, who also usually pay less for properties like this because their decisions are based around the profitability of any given project.

I valued the flat at £265,000 in the poor condition it was in because it had been trashed!

I offered to project manage the full refurbishment of the property using builders we work with and who have carried out some significant refurbishment works for our clients previously.

Our clients Review

Original Images

The Refurbished Property


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2 bedroom for sale in SE4 | Fish need water

The works included:

A new Valiant Boiler

New solid wood doors throughout

A new street door

A complete new Kitchen with new integrated appliances including a dishwasher, washer/dryer, oven, hob and fridge-freezer

New floors and carpets throughout

Ceilings re-plastered and repainted

New skirting boards fitted and painted throughout

New radiators and pipe work throughout

Walls re-plastered and repainted

New lights, electricity points and switches

New floors and carpets throughout

A complete new bathroom

New made to order blinds

The value of the flat increased from £265,000 to £345,000, the selling price.

Don’t give your equity to someone else!

If you have a property that might be a probate inheritance or an ex rental property that needs significant updating that you need to get he best possible price for, and you don’t have the ability to commit to a full refurbishment, get in touch and we’ll be able to tell you if your property meets the criteria for our joint venture funding programme.

Don’t give the additional value in your property to someone else!

If you would like to discuss your refurbishment opportunity in more detail call James on 020 8432 1505 or email me at