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An example of great quality photographs from a low cost estate agent

It isn’t difficult to do properly, however it’s costly for us.  But seeing as we’re in the business of selling property it would be just a little bit slack for us to ‘pop over to take a few snaps’ with our Kodac Compact.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the vast majority of agents do.  Take pretty awful pictures, hoping to sell your property to the viewing internet audience as their dream home.  Ironic isn’t it?

If your agent has taken pictures that look skewed unfocused, poorly lit, slanted or any of the other numerous shocking examples I just saw (unbelievably) when looking at properties over £500,000 – or in other words in the bracket where agent fees of around £10,000 are the norm, you should question them as to how they justify their price tag.

For £10,000 we’ll produce your very own magazine dedicated to just your property and distribute it to 50,000 homes!  If you get our point?

We don’t need an office to be a quality, great value estate agent.

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