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Here at Fish Need Water we are embarking on a new series which may uncover the hidden value of your home. In this series we will be visiting the top 10 streets that have the highest turn over within a specific postcode. We are starting off right at the top at number 10, Consort Road SE15.
If you would like to know more about what Consort Road has to offer, click the link below:

Key stats about Consort Road:

  • Number Of Sales: 27 
  • Percentage Turnover in the Last 3 Years: 10.47%
  •  Average Detached Sale Price: £1,700,000
  • Average Semi-detached Sale Price Price: £790,000
  •  Average Terraced Sale Price: £566,250
  •  Average Flat Sale Price: £372,476

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This journey is not only to show you how much your home could really be worth; we are also documenting this journey to show what these areas have to offer, from the village-esque scenes of Bellenden Road to the converted offices on Peckham Grove Road.

We start off right in the thick of it on Consort Road; a buzzing road boasting a range of different cultures from a traditional sourdough pizza parlour to a traditional coffee store, both minutes away from small field. Great for families with pets.