Our estate agents in Peckham tell you why this vibrant area of London is perfect for finding property.

Nestled into South East London, Peckham is home to colourful shops, a great nightlife, and a multicultural community. Our Peckham estate agents never get bored of showing people around properties in the area. We’re not the only ones who like the area, as Harrison Ford was caught having dinner in Peckham. With a great local community and a variety of property, take a look at the reasons that make Peckham perfect for you!

Why Move to Peckham? Our Estate Agents in Peckham Tell All

Great Proximity to London
Don’t let the lack of a tube station deter you from this part of South East London. Peckham is very well connected to London via the train; you can get to London Bridge in under ten minutes. The high street may get busy, but regular buses can also connect you to the city. The distance from central London makes the property prices some of the best in terms of value for money.

Eating, Drinking and Socialising
The distance into London isn’t the only great thing about Peckham. Rooftop bars and a cheap cinema offer perfect evening plans. There is a multitude of cafes, bars and restaurants, making for a near-endless list of places to eat, drink and socialise. Rye Park also offers great afternoon strolls in any season.

Great Community and Family Atmosphere
The Evening Standard call it “Hipster Central”, but we think Peckham is ideal for those who enjoy a vibrant and developing community. What’s more, with large houses and a number of local schools, Peckham is an ideal place for children to live in London.

What Type of Property is in Peckham?

In recent years, Peckham has undergone a lot of renovation. As well as a new town square, leisure facilities, and development of the Peckham library, money was invested into housing, generating a lot of new properties.

However, as well as new properties, there is also a variety of older architectural designs.  Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian properties line the streets. Bellenden Road and the surrounding area boasts big Victorian houses, which are perfect for families.

There are also a variety of flats available, ranging from one to three bedrooms, for both renting and buying.

Is Peckham Best for Buying or Renting Property?

The answer is both. If you’re looking to settle down in London, Peckham boasts gorgeous houses with space for a family, including a garden for those summer days. If you’re a first-time buyer, we have lots of experience and can help you every step of the way. Prices have increased as Peckham has grown in popularity, but with it’s proximity to the city and vast development, it’s a great place to invest in.

Renting in Peckham is above the £1000 per month mark, but rather than renting a tiny studio flat in Soho for the same price, your money goes much further in one-bedroom apartments that have space — and even a garden!

Why Choose Our Estate Agents in Peckham?

Our estate agents in Peckham pride themselves on being honest and fair, treating all of our clients equally. Our testimonials from landlords, tenants and homeowners all speak of the great personal relationships they had with our estate agents, offering help and sound advice throughout the process.

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