Good quality photos are not a luxury, they are a necessity and too many owners and agents overlook this fact.

Why Do Good Quality Photos Make Such a Difference?

With almost 96% of all property searchs starting online, surely you want you property to make an impact immediately with a potential viewer.

When buyers or tenants look over the thumbnail photos on Rightmove, make sure yours stands out from the crowd.  You simply have to view those other properties as your competition, and those standing out for the right reasons will get the higher click-through-rates.  You don’t get offers without viewers after all.

Some Examples of Great Property Photography

I’m not going to show you examples of poor quality photos.  Just look on Rightmove to see plenty of examples mof what not to do.

Instead these are examples of what you or your agent should be doing to make an impact with your property.


What Do You Think?

All of the above examples were carried out by fishneedwater’s professional photographer.  Its clear to see the dramatic difference between these and photos carried out by a non-professional.

What We Think

We think that properties with quality photography get more viewings, and this increases the opportunity for competition.  Competition increases the chance of recieving higher offers for your rental or sales property.  You can see our rental statistics here and our sales statistics here.

If you would like to improve your chances of selling or letting your property, and think that amazing photography is what your property deserves, then we would love to talk to you.