Many sellers don’t know this information, but empty properties sell for between 3% and 5% less than a property that’s been nicely styled with nice furniture.

Think about this for a moment.  We all know large national property developers are greedy.  Yet they spend thousands on making sure their ‘show home’ is visually as attractive as possible by having Interior Design Companies style and stage them before marketing and viewings commence.  They wouldn’t do this is if it didn’t make a huge difference to the amount they could sell the property for!

In fact, I myself experienced this recently when I sold a house recently in Underhill Road in SE22.  Jonathan had been on the market for 6 months previously with two very big and very established agents in Dulwich and only had one offer which was £750,000.  When I spoke to him, I told him his house looked a little cold and characterless and that we had some of our own furniture we’d purchased for a renovated flat we’d just sold in SE4, and I could move it over to his empty house and spend a few hours setting it up nicely.

The property received an offer of £775,000 within 19 days on the market!

That’s a 3.4% increase by adding just £2,500 worth of furniture!  Jonathan himself said we had more viewings than both other agents had managed collectively over the last 6 months.

We can Furnish your Empty Property

If you have an empty property that you need to sell, get in touch as we can provide our furniture and style your property so that it appeals to more buyers and sells for a better price.

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