Helping our environment


I find it a little bemusing with the amount of reporting in our press aimed squarely at how we are damaging our planet, that so many Companies appear to be doing very little to make an effort to be eco friendly.

How many items of post do you receive every single day that really needn’t have been sent?  Paper wasted and the postal services used so unnecessarily in some cases.

As a business I receive reams of junk mail, statements, letters confirming receipt of an item, or to confirm a conversation or something similarly daft.  In most cases a simple email would have sufficed.

We want to do our bit to help the environment and so we have looked at the things we can implement easily that will help to play its part in helping to reduce the impact we have as a business.

What we are doing currently:

  • Our Company car – Is a diesel Blue Motion engine and one of the most economical around.
  • Some of our services don’t rely on us to do the viewings, the seller or the landlord handle that, so we therefore are cutting our use of Diesel and the need to be driving around too much.
  • Our Company stationary is printed on best recycled and worst FSC – Paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  This means the paper comes from Forests that meet the internationally recognised FSC Principles and Criteria of Forest Stewardship.  This includes: Leaflets, Business stationary and office copy paper (which we hardly use anyhow).
  • We try not to use the post – unless it’s the only option.  We email almost everything that we can.
  • We use technology that allows us to have forms signed electronically and stored safely on secure server.  It cuts out nearly all our paper use and we hardly use any ink anymore.  In fact we have had the same ream of paper (500 sheets) for several months now!

We’re really interested in knowing some of the things that other’s have done to ensure they have a greener approach to doing business, because it would be great to find out if there’s anything more we can do.

It needn’t cost the earth (pun), but every single thing we do, no matter how small, helps towards making a bid difference.

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