Agency – Lettings

Because we know our industry and our patch inside-out, we’re in touch with what the ideal occupants are looking for – and what they’re willing to pay for it. With the right strategy set, we’re ready to put our famous marketing approach into action.

Our glossy brochures always make an impact, but it goes a lot deeper than that: we supplement the typical on-market avenues by reaching out to our personal pool of occupiers, making targeted approaches to local industry, and probing our substantial personal networks.

With dream tenants found, we start working to obtain the best possible lease terms for you – and our track record in successfully managing this process from start to finish is why our clients trust us to maximise the long-term value of their property assets.

Looking for a place for your business to call home? We’re sure to know somewhere that will perfectly fit your needs – and if we don’t, we’ll be turning over every stone until we’ve found it for you. If you need help with negotiating the disposal of your existing lease, we can help with that too.

Agency – Sales

Our on-the-pulse understanding of local trends and development activity means we’re the perfect partner in any property sale. We can be your right-hand (wo)men to advise you through the development process and maximise your property’s market potential, or we can help you achieve the best price for your existing space (with the help of a little lateral thinking and a steady supply of coffee).

Whether you want us to shout it from the rooftops or keep it hush-hush to maintain confidentiality, we put together a tailored plan that gets buyers beating a path to your door – including compelling marketing materials, targeted off-market campaigns, modern social media marketing, local publications, and a thorough tap into our own extensive personal networks.

The secret to achieving a price that leaves you beaming? It isn’t just about presenting and promoting the opportunity to attract the perfect buyer, but also negotiating firmly (yet fairly) on your behalf and working on pushing the sale through until the ink is dry.

From the first meeting all the way through to the handshake at the end of the deal, our personal service means a word of advice or reassurance is only a call away.

Agency – Investments

We take the business of getting to know you very seriously, because we can’t recommend any potential investments until we understand your aims and your attitude to risk. Once we’re sufficiently buried inside your head, we’ll be able to give you the full benefit of our expertise and help you decide which sector and location to target.

Strategy set, we dig deep to find income-producing investments that match your requirements. Auction lots, private contracts, agents, development opportunities, personal contacts… you name it, we delve into it – and we make it our mission to get in early and snap up the best opportunities before they hit the market.

Then we exercise our bulldog-like negotiation style on your behalf, securing the ideal asset at a price that makes it a great long-term investment.


As an occupier, your repairing obligations are determined by the condition of the property at the outset – which is why a professional Schedule of Condition is essential before entering into any lease. Our eagle-eyed surveyors are skilled in putting together a detailed record of a property’s condition – including both written and photographic evidence – to make sure there can be no room for dispute later on.

A full structural survey is also invaluable before buying a commercial property – where unanticipated repair costs can put a major dent in your income stream and the capital value of your asset. A professional assessment before the deal is finalised is a small outlay, and can pay for itself many times over.

Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews

With established legal and practical expertise in this highly technical area – as well as a detailed understanding of the local market – we’re well-placed to add a healthy dose of negotiating clout for either owner or occupier.

As an owner, restructuring a lease or removing a break clause can create a significant uplift in the value of your asset. And when the time comes to review the rent, we can advise on every aspect of the process – pushing for the best settlement, and considering dispute resolution alternatives where necessary.

For occupiers, varying or renegotiating a lease can be a boon to the flexibility and cost-structure of your business. By first understanding your commercial objectives, we’re able to put our technical, legal and market knowledge to work and secure the ideal outcome.

Whichever side we’re representing, we get results by taking a consultative approach: by getting to know you personally, we can look ahead to anticipate your needs over the length of the lease and structure agreements accordingly.

Ground Rents

Often overlooked, purchasing either residential or commercial ground rents can be a rewarding entry-level investment and create a secure long-term income stream. The sourcing of ground rent opportunities is a niche area, and we have the national network in place to discover off-market opportunities for our clients.

We’re also well versed in the specialist business of valuing ground rents, and can sell any size of ground rent portfolio on your behalf – often without any fee, due to our contacts in this sector.

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