Is your agent REALLY working for you?

If you watched the Dispatches programme ' The Property Market Undercover' aired on Channel 4 on 28/10/2013 you might have seen some of the sneaky (and unlawful) practices employed by agents to generate mortgage business for their agency at the expense of their client, the seller.

See the Money Marketing article here.

It's no wonder agents struggle to shake off their reputation when they are caught on camera (and on national TV) acting more like second-hand car salesmen, and we understand why some people choose to take agent 'patter' with a large sprinkling of salt.

In fact we've been around agents long enough to decipher some of the things estate agents say, into what they really mean. And if you think it would be handy to have this intel, sign-up for our free email newsletter below.

What agents say, and mean

Why we're different

We're different because the way we structure our fee proves without question that your goal and ours, are exactly the same. You want the best sale price and we want to earn the best fee we can.

We're different because we don't get paid by any mortgage broker or financial Company for introducing buyers so there's no risk we'll ever 'prioritise' a particular buyer other than the one we consider is best for you.

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