Why is a property inventory report required?

There have been a number of decisions by Tenant Deposit Scheme adjudicators recently which indicate that unless you carry out a detailed and good quality Inventory there is little or no chance of you recovering anything out of the deposit for damage caused by your tenants or their guests. In any case, a deposit will not cover fair wear and tear.

Likewise, decisions by District Judge in County Court small claims have also shown that unless you have sufficient proof of any damage caused by your tenant, it is unlikely that you will be awarded any part of the deposit to make good any damage.

It's common for a tenant to claim that the damage already existed when the tenancy started if they know you haven't got a condition schedule. Therefore unless you have proof of the state of the furniture or property at the beginning of their tenancy in the form of a properly prepared and agreed inventory/condition schedule report, you are unlikely to succeed with any claim.

If you let your property with Fishneedwater, we will arrange for an AIIC qualified Inventory clerk to carry out a high quality detailed report of your property at the start of your tenancy at no cost to you.

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How much will it impact you if your tenant doesn't pay the rent?

Rising living costs are pushing an increasing number of people into arrears on their rent payments, according to figures from a major debt charity. The Money Advice Trust says the number of calls it has received from tenants struggling with rent arrears has increased by over 35% over the past two years, and more than half the calls it receives are from tenants struggling to pay their rent. Recent figures (Dec 2013) from the Office for National Statistics, meanwhile, show just how much household budgets are being squeezed, with rising energy costs reducing disposable incomes. It's fairly gloomy reading.

It costs the average landlord over £3200 evicting a non-paying tenant, which could be devastating.

However, when we manage your property, we'll 'bullet-proof' your property and we guarantee to provide 'rent and legal expenses' insurance during the first year of management. Put simply if your tenant doesn't pay your rent for any reason, our insurer (subject to acceptance) will, and a team of experienced Solicitors will deal with the headache of evicting the tenants, so you don't have to.

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